Todd Richardson
Business Development


Todd Richardson started his career in 2009 as Business Development Manager for Integrated Landscape Management (ILM}. His attention to detail and focus on client satisfaction allowed him to effectively maintain existing client relationships while cultivating new opportunities resulting in $13 million of company growth prior to his departure from ILM in 2014.

Todd transitioned to the construction industry when he joined Summit Restoration and Construction (Summit}. His role as Sales Director gave him knowledge of the industry while continuing his track record for obtaining new business. In his time at Summit annual revenues increased from $1.5 million to $6 million.

Todd currently serves as Business Manager at MFRG-ICON Construction (MFRG-ICON} which allows him new opportunity to implement a comprehensive client retention and business development program that secures strong long-term client partnerships as well as to expand and grow MFRG-ICON within the housing industry.

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