New Construction

MFRG-ICON Builders also provides new construction services for multi-family housing. Our services span scheduling and value engineering during the design phase, to quality and cost control in the construction phase.

Design Phase

From a project’s first breath, we help owners, architects, and other key stakeholders identify what it will take for a project to be successful. We advise on site improvements, provide recommendations on construction feasibility, and provide insights about the availability and cost for labor and materials. Specifically, our areas of expertise include scheduling, cost control, value engineering, coordination of contract documents, and subcontractor and material bidding. We are a partner in project success.

Construction Phase

We get excited when dirt starts to move. During construction, we’re focused on quality control, keeping the schedule on track, making sure project costs are managed well, and documenting the work. More than anything, our eyes are always focused on safety of workers and the general public. As we near project completion, we want to get out of your way so your tenants can move in without a hitch.

Additional Services

And there are a lot of other services that we can provide based on your interest and project need. We can help you with specific types of construction, such as structural concrete work; fast track construction; permits; easements; parking; fencing and gates; material delivery and storage; testing and inspection; forensic consulting; buyout and budget tracking; insurance; and sales and marketing. We’re interested in the full gamut of a construction project, so just let us know if you need something.

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