Project Summary

Next to the historic Dunbar Hotel are the two Somerville Apartments, buildings that were built in 1994. Today, they are newly-renovated family housing. Altogether, the three properties create Dunbar Village, an 83-unit mixed-use, intergenerational community for seniors and families.

Somerville Apartments is 3-story, 42-unit affordable housing built above ground-level community space and retail in front, with parking on grade. This is a Prevailing Wage project.

Improvements included removal of existing concrete decking on top of the podium, which was given a new top concrete coating, then re-waterproofed and finally re-sloped. Also included were installation of new roof, kitchens and bathrooms, unit front doors, frame, and hardware. Substantial energy efficient upgrades included LED light, HVAC, new Energy Star appliances, elevator, and all new water-saving plumbing. Residents also now enjoy amenities, such as new community room, laundry room, extensive exterior enhancements, BBQ, and outdoor fireplace.


2014 Gold Nugget Award – PCBC
Dunbar Hotel, Project of the Year – Affordable

2014 Los Angeles Conservancy
Preservation Award – Historic, Dunbar Hotel

2014 Westside Urban Forum
Westside Prize, Dunbar Hotel

4201 and 4261 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90011

Project Type
Family Apartments
42 units, 3 story
Construction Cost – $4 million

Dunbar Village, LP

Financial Partners

  • Los Angeles Housing Department
  • Union Bank
  • CRA-LA


  • Union Bank

Withee Malcolm Architects

9% Low Income Tax Credit Project, CTCAC

  • Since most projects are developed with various public/private financing structures, it is critical to partner with a General Contractor like ICON that has a deep understanding of HUD, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, other Federal and State funding sources and Davis-Bacon and State Prevailing Wages.

    Thomas Safran Thomas Safran & Associates
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