Nick Garneata
Construction Operations Manager


Nick has extensive experience in both construction and business development. He started his construction career in high school working as an electrician in Chicago, Illinois. Nick graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management. He went on to take over the family Architectural firm in 2001 where he honed in his skills in every aspect of construction and business development for over 15 years. He was able to grow the firm to become a premier one stop shop for all development needs in Chicagoland.

Nick entered the Affordable Housing industry as a Project Manager after relocating to Arizona in 2015. He spent time with Justin Krueger at United Renovations before joining MFRG-ICON. His personable demeanor and astute business acumen were quickly recognized by both his superiors and clients and his amiable personality garnered the highest respect from peers and contractors alike.

In 2017, Nick joined MFRG-ICON Construction as a Senior Project Manager and is now Construction Operations Manager. He has a proven track record of completing occupied renovation projects ahead of schedule and on budget while delivering the highest quality workmanship. His unique skill set enables him to see the “big picture” from an owner’s perspective as well as troubleshoot and resolve issues that arise in the intricate occupied renovation process.  He consistently exceeds the expectations of clients, management teams and residents.

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