Megan Gutknecht
Senior Assistant Project Manager


Megan Gutknecht graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Megan started her construction career in 2005 in the residential home building sector, where she was quickly recognized for her strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

Throughout the years, Megan earned several promotions and recognition which gave her the opportunity to be a part of several different aspects of the construction process. During this time she assisted with sales contracts, homeowner orientations and worked closely with the title company to ensure that homeowner expectations were met.

Megan entered the commercial construction sector as an Operations Coordinator where she was responsible for correspondence and communications for several Operational Executives. In this role, she helped create a company-wide safety program which gave recognition to subcontractors for best safety practices. As her knowledge of construction grew she transitioned into the role of a Project Engineer, which allowed her to be on site and responsible for all document creation and tracking, job site safety inspections, obtaining permits, assisting the Project Manager with defining the subcontractor scope and the project close-out process.

In 2017, Megan joined MFRG-ICON Construction where she was quickly promoted to Senior Assistant Project Manager. In this position, she is responsible for not only supporting various Project Managers during the course of the project but being a mentor and team leader for all other Assistant Project Managers.

Megan’s goal is to maintain a cohesive relationship with each project team member to help streamline all aspects of the construction process.

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