Alec Leon
Preconstruction Manager


Alec Leon graduated from University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s in Regional Development and a Masters in Urban Planning. As the Preconstruction Manager, Alec is responsible for the preliminary stages of renovation projects, including bidding, scope development, and contract agreements with MFRG- ICON Construction.

Alec has experience in various aspects of multifamily development, including new construction. Alec worked as a Project Manager for a multifamily developer in the Phoenix market. He started his renovation experience in preconstruction for ICON Builders in 2016. In this time, Alec has been able to take on multiple projects by showing his organizational and management skills that have allowed him to promote to Preconstruction Manager.

When MFRG-ICON finds new projects, Alec’s team is the first line in developing phasing and budgeting for the renovation. Alec is responsible for establishing preliminary job walks and scope development. Alec’s goal is to maintain productive relationships between owners and subcontractors.

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