Specializing in Affordable Housing Renovations Since 1992.

MFRG-ICON Construction redefined what it means to have a trusted relationship with a General Contractor. We created an all-inclusive consistent experience that clients, residents, subcontractors, and our MFRG-ICON family of employees can rely on. We challenge the status quo, we strive to be better every day, and we listen to the feedback that helps us fine tune. Partnering with MFRG-ICON on your renovation isn’t defined by a contract, it’s defined by the experience and the relationship.


Our Monthly Social Impact Days Empower Cooperation and Community.

Once a month, our office closes its doors so our employees can dedicate themselves to volunteer work. Whether we’re building park benches, donating beds to children in need, or feeding veterans, these are opportunities for our team to take ownership of their communities, recognize the needs of others, and interact in a different way.


Putting The Focus On Our Communities

Our mission is to provide specific resources, through programming, existing projects, new projects and new initiatives, that impact our communities not just in the short term, but in the long term also. 

Our community members cannot be expected to fully benefit from our tenant improvement projects if we are not able to assist with aspects of their well-being beyond shelter. 

At MFRG-ICON, we want to provide resources that also assist in: 

  • Mentorship (Youth, young adults, giving them access to organizations that can provide, job training, trade schools, soft skills, life skills. 
  • Reading services, access to learning how to read.
  • Computer skills, access to basic computer training.
  • Health and nutrition services, basic health care and food resources.
  • Sports resources-access to sporting events and active sporting experiences. 
  • Veteran Services.
  • Services for our seniors.


The Structure of a Great Culture
Lies in the Strength of the Team

Our company culture is a pure indication of the inclusivity, authenticity and trust that lives within our team. Great culture within a company doesn’t just manifest itself. Ours has been built over time on a strong support system, a comfortable work environment and an inclusive philosophy that each employee here has a voice to be heard, valued and recognized.
Our crew also knows how to have a good time when the work is done and the benefits of being a part of this team is off the charts. Whether its company-wide trips to Cabo, throwback 90’s parties featuring Coolio, or random adult-sized tricycle races in the parking lot, I can guarantee you wont find a construction company that has this much fun.


Raising the Bar on Renovation Standards

Quality and timeliness are the most important factors in project efficiency and they mean everything to us. Occupied renovations are unique and complicated and we have a proven, custom process to make the difficult work run smoothly. Having the skills, experience and strong reputation in LIHTC renovations allows our partners to relax knowing we will deliver a high-quality finished product, on budget and in an accelerated timeframe.


“To OBSESS Over The Relationships That Help Us Deliver On Our Promise To Rebuild Lives”

Relationships are important in all aspects of life and are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Here at MFRG-ICON Construction, relationships are just as important. Its our lifeblood.
Our success is measured by the valued partnerships and relationships that allow us to make a beneficial impact in our communities. We recognize the significant necessity of each relationship, from the client to the subcontractor, and its absolute importance on our ability to improve the lives of the residents.



Find Out Why We Were Named One of INC Magazine’s “Best Places to Work.”

We’re proud of our team for good reason. We understand that relationships with our clients, our team, our subcontractors, and with residents are the building blocks of our company. We prioritize connection and encourage proactive contributions from our team. We know when we’re working together for a common purpose, we’re greater than the sum of our parts.




Creating a Lasting Legacy in Communities Large and Small.

What makes us unique? Our attention to detail from A to Z. We have built a fluid experience that embraces the vision of our clients and brings it to reality! Every conversation, every decision, every interaction is an opportunity to build trust with our clients and bring value to their residents.